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A Convention of Railroad Directors

Usher's Rotary Steam Plow

Railroad Crossings

A Relic of a By-Gone Age

Trial of Fire Engines

The New Found Lake

Self-Raising Flour

Wonderful Discovery

Overman's Metallurgy

A Runaway Lake

The River Amazon—A Great Project

An Old Invention Revived

Correct Ideas about Compensating Pendulums

Mulching Potatoes

Improved Capstan

Woodward's Patent Weeding Plow

Machine for Cutting and Bending Tin

Paper Cutting Machine

Rapid Evaporation of Ice

The Collin's Steamers

Cutting Hand Rails by Machinery

Wortendyke's Patent Countertwist Wick

Surgical Adjuster

New Gold Washer

Improvement in Bridges

Tubular Ventilating Window Sash

Singular Petition to the Senate for an Appropriation

Great Improvement in the Manufacture of Salt

The Great American Lock in England

Who Reads an American Book

The Wheeling Bridge Case

Fire-Proof Houses

Anthracite Coal for Naval Steamers

Western Enterprize—Railroads

Woodworth's Machine in Philadelphia

Railroad Safety

Rotation of Our Forest Trees

List of Patent Claims

The Curculio

Interesting Patent Case

Patent Laws, and Guide to Inventors

Back Numbers and Volumes



A Challenge to Rifle Makers

On Boilers—No. 26

Iodine Rendered Soluble by Syrup of Orange Peel and Tanin


  • From the Editor

    To Correspondents

  • An Important Paragraph

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