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The True Scientific Inquirer

Locomotives for Inclined Planes

English Observatory

Patent Railroad Car Seat

Medical Science

Straw as a Covering

Fire and Water-proof Preparation

Comets and Planets

Brass Beadsteads

A Phenomenon in Hydraulics

Maryland Mechanics' Institute

Exposition of American Products and Industry


The Profits of Patents

A New Idea in Agriculture

Milwaukie Water Works

Immense Contract

Death from Toothache

The Food of Man

Lightning Protector for Telegraphs

Coal Strata

Great Suspension Bridge

Wave Line Theory in Ships

American Corn in Jerusalem

Heighth of Waves at Sea, their Appearance and Effects


A Wonderful Man

Spring-Space for Compositors

Improvement in Shafts of Water Wheels

Water-Saving Over-Shot Wheel

Improved Eye for Mill-Stones

The Quadrature of the Circle

Raising and Lowering Tops of Carriages

Cotton Press

Wells' Tailors' Measure

Improvements in Papier Mache

Patent Business

The Reformed Patent Bill

A New Yellow Dye

American Rifle Shooting

Adamantine Candles

Woolen Manufacturers Awake

A Yankee Tanner

Judiciary System of the United States

The Crystal Palace

The Albatross Propeller—Pirrson's Condenser

Rules for Health

Animal Phosphorescence

List of Patent Claims

How to Cook an Egg

The Electric Fire Telegraph

Avalanche at Stillwater, Minnesota

Back Numbers and Volumes

Patent Laws, and Guide to Inventors

Patent Claims

On Boilers—No. 27

A Challenge—Davison's New Model for Ships, &C

Daguerreotypes on Paper


  • From the Editor

    An Important Paragraph

  • To Correspondents

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