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The Plowshare Prow

Pacific Railroad

Railroad Accidents


Mills for Grinding

Night Air

Patent Matters

Variola and Vaccination

Animal Electricity

English Model of the Yacht America

New Enemy to the Pear


Suspension Bridge

The Engineers' Strike in England

A Neat Craft

Tin Roofs

A Telegraph

Electro-Magnetism as a Motive Power

Explosion of Burning Fluids

Machinery for Scraping Ivory

Marine Signals

Mildew on Canvas

New Rotary Engine

Saw Mill Improvements

Tennoning Wheel Spokes

Adamantine Sperm Candles

Attaching Hubs or Wheels to Axles

Converting Rotary into Reciprocating Rectileniar Motion

Dodge's Printing Press

Improved Printing Press

Improved Rifle Barrel

Improvement in the Manufacture of Gas

Light Houses and our Light-House System

Profits of Patents

Water for Brooklyn

Arresting Conflagrations in Cities

Courts of Equity

List of Patent Claims

The Country for the Consumptive

The Reformation of the United States Judiciary System

Valley of the Amazon

Back Numbers and Volumes

Patent Laws, and Guide to Inventors

Boiler Explosions

Belgian Safety-Lamp

An Expedition to the South Seas

Medical Science


  • From the Editor

    To Correspondents

  • An Important Paragraph

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June 19, 1852

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