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Patent Flax-Dressing Machine

Ventilation of Railroad Cars, &C

Hard Cement

A Yankee over the Crater

Recent Erected Houses

Lepidopterous Insects

Iron Structures—Oriental Style

Home Sweet Home

Scientific Memoranda

New Galvanic Battery

To Make Hard Water Soft

Fire-Cracker Nuisance

Neatness in Holland

Signal Lights for Railroads, and Stopping of Trains

Ship Navigation to Albany

On Plastering


Telegraph and Steam

Improvement in Filing and Gumming Saws

Syracuse Salt

Improved Seed Planter

A Good Cement

Spindles for Mill Stones

Deafness and Blindness

Electro-Magnetism to Give Adhesion to the Wheels of Locomotives

Smut Machine

Music by the Magnetic Telegraph

Siriking Action of Pianofortes

The Great Balloon

Are Lizards Poisonous?

The Exhumed Macadamized Road

Sewing Machines

The Electrical Properties of Flame—Light

An Afflicting Accident

The Climates of Countries


Extension of a Patent

Thunder Storms, Electrical Phenomena

Sal Ammoniac

List of Patent Claims

Snake Bites

Patent Laws, and Guide to Inventors

Back Numbers and Volumes

Chemistry and Medicine

How to Pack Firkin Butter

A Botanical Curiosity

Source of the Nutritious Property of Vegetables

Electric Batteries


  • From the Editor


  • An Important Paragraph

  • To Correspondents

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