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Our Railroad System

Steam Carriages for Roads

The New York Crystal Palace

Anthracite Coal for the Reading Road

Brundred's Patent Throstle

Cleansing Window Blinds

Pleasant Perfume and Moth Preventive

The Woodworth Patent Bill Defeated

Pommade de Seville

Quick Work

To Make Prime Vinegar

To Take Creases out of Velvet

The Battle of the Bees

The Discovery of British Gum

A New Idea in Steamships

The Tomato

Flat Roofs

Mesmerism and Spiritual Rappings

Notes by a Practical Chemist

Ostrich Feathers


The Trial of Reaping Machines

Theory and Practice

Manufacture of Steel

Mechanical Philosophy

Planeospherical Quartz Crusher

Turning Irregular Forms

Tyres for Locomotive Wheels

Ventilation of Cars

Discovery in Telegraphing

Heat, Heat

Improved Car Coupling

Improvement in Tyres for Wagon Wheels

Improvement in the Dressing of Felt Hats

Jointing Boards for Roofs

Machine for Digging Potatoes


Prizes for the Next Volume

Things to be Discovered

The Chemistry of Nature and Art

The New Patent Law of England

Explosion of a Cask of Alcohol

List of Patent Claims

An Englishman's Opinion of Americans


Diaphragm Steam Generator

Patent Laws, and Guide to Inventors

To Correspondents

Back Numbers and Volumes

Patent Claims

Patent Double-Acting Spring Hinge



Elementary Mechanics

Zinc Yellow and Zinc Green


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    July 31, 1852

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