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Paving in Paris

Improved Grain Cleaner

Patent Cast-Iron Caissons

Poison Ivy

A Railroad to the Pacific

Rail Axles, Wheels, Curves upon Railways

The Voltaic Lemon

A Good Way to Save Life

Wooden Cornices

Sunken Rails

The Eight Wheeled Car Cases

Submarine Blasting

Repairing a Ship's Bottom While Afloat

Remedy for the Bite of a Snake

British and American Steamers

Model of Europe

Application of Lime to thin Sandy Land

Going to Europe in a Balloon

A Passing Thought

Georgia Agricultural Society


African Cotton

A Lofty Seat

New Test for Mercury

A Great Chemist Gone

Attaching Patent Property


Improvement in Wheels and Axles

Bellows for Melodeons

Applegarth's New Printing Press

Smoke Syphon for Locomotives

Novel and Useful Work

Improvement in Sugar Moulds

A Hard Cement for Seams

Straw Cutter

Improvement in Sawing Pulleys

Improvement in Gongs for Hotels, Steamboats, Locomotives, &c

Steamboat Racing

Hecker's Self-Raising Flour

The Universe and Man

Science--Its Truths and Falsehoods

Potts' Process for Forming Piers and Embankments

Woodworth Patent

List of Patent Claims

New Mode of Setting Window Lights

Patent Laws, and Guide to Inventors

Back Numbers and Volumes

To Correspondents

Application of Screw Propellers to Ships of the Line


Elementary Mechanics

Adjustable Rifle Sight

Steam of Old

Recent Foreign inventions

Southern Manufactures


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