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Railroad Accidents

Fine Red


Fine Black

A New Locomotive

New Marble Quarry

To Make Sealing Wax

Patent Meat Cutter

To Give a Blue Color to German Silver or Argentine

Castor Oil for Railroads

Bark Bound Trees

To Prepare Amber Varnish, &c


To Plaster Wheat in the Fall

Spider's Thread

Plantain Leaves

The Rice Crop

Reported Discovery of Anthracite Coal in California

New Feature in the Business of Boston

Convention of Tobacco Manufacturers

The Honey Bee in California

Singular Doings on the Lakes

Reaping Machines in England--American Models

More Gas

Alcohol and Camphene Explosions

A Great Saw Mill--Lumber in Canada


The English Language

Recent Foreign Invention

The Flower Garden


French Varnished Leather

The Craters of the Moon

Rosin Oil

Improvement in Pumps

Revolving Last Holder

Improvement in Power Looms

Improved Spark Arrester

Improved Railroad Car Axles

To Cover Iron with a Coating of Copper

Metallic Packing for Stuffing Boxes and Pistons

A Submarine Rocket

A New Fish Business

Accidents--Their Cause and Cure

Woodworth Patent Pamphlets

A Railroad in Broadway

Something Wanted for Engravers

Artificial Stone Fronts on Houses

To Save from Drowning

List of Patent Claims

New Steamers

Balloon and Steam Engine

Woodworth Patent

Patent Claims

To Correspondents

Back Numbers and Volumes

Patent Laws, and Guide to Inventors

Tartar Emetic


Elementary Mechanics

Patent Double-Acting Doors

Science and Arts


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    August 14, 1852

    Confronting Common Wisdom