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Fast Locomotives

American and English Locks

Walking on the Track

New Salt Mine in Ireland

Gold Washer and Magnetic Separator

The New Crystal Palace in England

For Farmers--Proceedings of the Royal Agricultural Society of England

Vegetable Gas

The Flax Culture

A New Source for the Supply of Cotton

French Cure for Hydrophobia

Prevention of Explosions in Steam Boilers

Recent Foreign Inventions

Extraordinary Discovery--Perpetual Light

Water-Proof Paints

Trout in Lake Erie

Parker's Water Wheel

Development of Insect Life

An Improvement in Attaching Hubs to Axles

Rotary Engine

Improved Truck for Cars

Improved Knives for Cutting Hay

Leavitt's Improved Portable Mill

Wigs and Toupees Made by Machinery

Stone Cutter

Jacquard Cutting Machine

State Fairs for 1852

New Paddle Wheel

Ingham's Horizontal Water-Wheel

Dentist Instruments

To Reach Ships in Distress

Improvement in Gas Burners

Experiments with Centrifugal Pumps

American Literature Abroad

A Few Words to our Readers

Reaping Machines

Railroads--Northern Travel

Be Careful of Turpentine

Woodworth Patent

Balloon Ascensions

American Association for the Advancement of Science

List of Patent Claims

To Correspondents

Patent Laws, and Guide to Inventors

Back Numbers and Volumes

Prizes! Prizes!! Read! Read! Read!

Printing in Gold

Improved Barometer


Shooting Stars


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