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Salve for Burns

Canada Railroads

Railways and Electric Telegraphs in India

The Oil of Cloves

Barclay's Gold Washer and Amalgamator

The Streets of London

The Storm

Our Steam Navy--The San Jacinto

A Monster

The Steamboat Safety Bill

Soluble Glass

New York Reaper

Floating Steam Battery

The Ether Controveray in Congress


The Wheeling Bridge

Starch Gum--How to Make It

Recent Foreign Inventions

A Long Tunnel

Fan Bedsteads

Tanners in the United States

Patent Hold-Back For Sleds

Carriage Springs

Erratum--Ingham's Water Wheel

Carpenter's Safety Railroad

Galvanic Battery for Doctors

Board or Plank Roofs

To Prevent Incrustations on Boilers

New Potato Digger

Clamp for Rigging Vessels

A Chapter of Suggestions

Manufacture of Gold Pens

Draining of Harlaem Lake

Patent Appeals

Screw and Paddle Wheels Combined

A Few Reasons Why Persons Should Subscribe for the Scientific American

Another use for the Telegraph Wires

Woodworth Patent

Steam Grain Elevator

List of Patent Claims

Patent Laws, and Guide to Inventors

Back Numbers and Volumes

To Correspondents

Chloride of Soda

Another Medal for Colt

Lapis Lazuli in Calico Printing

Development of Insect Life

Dandelion Coffee

Prizes! Prizes!! Read! Read! Read!


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