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Scoundrelism on Railroads

Improvement in Submarine Foundations

The Steamboat Inspectors

The Flying Ship

Perpetual Motion Again

Weevil in Wheat

Ventilation of Railroad Cars

Premiums for Agricultural Societies

Lemon Juice for Acute Rheumatism

Great Artificial Harbor

Hot and Cool

Manufacture of Steel in India

Recent Foreign Inventions

The Cranberry

Great Iron Steamer


Population of the United States

Sensation of Heat

Poison of Fusil Oil--Chloroform

To Millwrights


Connecticut Freestone Quarries

Long's New Bridge

Improvement in Looms

Competitors for the Prizes

Improved Wagon Brake

Hat Bodies

Life Buoy for Steamboat Accidents

Improved Grain Separator

For Daguerreotypists

Improved Carriage Wheels

Turner's Railroad Coupling

Rings for Spinning Frames

Hind the Astronomer

Scientific and Mechanical Institutes

Spontaneous Combustion

Patent Law of the United States Applied to Englishmen


Safety of Railroads versus Steamboats

Information Wanted

The New Safety Steamboat Law

A Claimant for the American Reaper

Our New Volume

List of Patent Claims


Amendment to the Patent Laws

A Railroad in Broadway

Patent Laws, and Guide to Inventors

Back Numbers and Volumes

Patent Claims

To Correspondents

Blasting Rooks Under Water

Rare Curiosities

New Chain Machine

Carbonic Acid



Red River


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