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Boston Locomotives

Melancholy Railroad Accident

Montreal and New York Railroad

Reaping Machines

Baldwin's New Steam Generator

The Wreck of the Steamer Atlantic

The Railways of Great Britain

Lake Fisheries

A New Cure for Bronchial and Consumptive Complaints

Mines of New York

A Novelty

Natural Curiosity

Post Office Envelopes

Protection from the Fumes of Charcoal

A Fast Propeller

The Cause of the Cholera at Rochester

What is Said of the Scientific American

Hydrogen Gas

Large Deposit of Graphite

How Worlds are Sustained

Recent Foreign Inventions

Useful Things to Know

Effect of the Earth's Rotation on Locomotion

Dirt--Its Value

Eel Fisheries in Oswego River

Discoveries in the Bottom of Harlaem Lake

Improvement on Violins

Machinery for Moulding Smoothing Irons

New Carpet Loom

Norcross's New Planing Machine

An Exemplary Omnibus

Self-Holding Screw Driver

The Prizes Again

Cider Mills

Foreign Patent

Ditching Machine

Improved Fastener for Window Sash

Inventions Come and Gone

Let the Inventor's Name be Put on His Invention

A Safety Lamp

Shade Trees in Cities

Apprentices in Cities and Country

Colored Dagerreotypes

Hydraulic Rams

Form of the Earth--A New Theory

List of Patent Claims

Orders in Appeal from the Commissioner of Patents

Scientific Balloon Ascent

Blatchford's Circuit Court Reports

To Correspondents

Patent Laws and Guide to Inventors

Patent Claims

Back Numbers and Volumes

Hooping Cough

Fishes in the Rivers of France

Collodion in the Treatment of Erysipelas

Browning Gun Barrels


Bite of the Rattlesnake

Pumpkin Seed Oil

Patent Mode of Preserving Butter

Poisonous Chloroform



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    September 25, 1852

    The Antidote to Anti-Intellectualism