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A Mastadon in Connecticut

Miller's Monozymatic Condenser for Steam Engines

A Good Arrangement

The Railway Carriage System in England

Rinds of Fruit Indigestible

New York Mechanics' Institute

Meteoric Phenomenon at Texas

Death of Vanderlyn the Artist

Wool from Wood

To Prepare Seed to Obtain Crops without Manure

To Bronze Brass Etc.

The First Locomotive in Ameaica

The Cholera

Sulphate of Lead to be used as a Substitute for White Lead in Painting

Scythe Making in New Hampshire

The Employment of Zinc in the Construction of Domestic Utensils, and the Influences of the same on Health

Ohio Wines

McCormick's Reaper in England

Cyanide of Potassium

The Scotch Reaping Machine

Plow and Cultivator Combined

Patent Balance Gate

New Machine for Paring Apples &C

New Cut-Off

Machine for Forming Leaves of Springs for Carriages

Improvement in Buckles

Improved Scythe Fastening

Improved Lock

Improved Coal Sifter for Families

Descent from a Balloon

Turning Irregular Forms

A New Composition

Copper Buoys for Steamboats

Stewart's Rotary Engine

Enrollment Papers

Those Glass Dials

Barrow's Rotary Steam Engine

Applications of Lightning--Ingenuity of Science

American Superiority at the World's Fair

The Fresnel Light and the Old System

The Koh-i-Noor

Recent Foreign Inventions

Prevention of Salivation

List of Patent Claims


Girdled Trees

Curious Experiment in Wool Growing

Bird Killed by a Telegraph Wire

Back Numbers and Volumes

Patent Laws, and Guide to Inventors

Patent Claims

To Correspondents

A Singular Freak of Nature

Steamboats of the World

Submarine Diving

Electro-Magnetic Clock

Freedom of Arabs from Leprosy

Heat of the Sun

Iceland Moss


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    October 02, 1852

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