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Antidote for Corrosive Sublimate

French Portable Steam Engine

French Portable Steam Engine

Serious Railroad Accident

Pneumatic Railroad

Tooth Powder

Great Railroad Tunnel

Steam on the Rio de la Plata

Weaving Wire Lace

Adjustment of Compasses in Iron Vessels

Fair of the American Institute

Appropriation of American Discoveries by the English Admiralty

Liebig on the Fermentation of Wine and Beer

Fair of the American Institute

Sanatory Congress in Brussells

Perils of Ballooning

British Association for the Advancement of Science

Timber for Carriages—Proper Time to Cut It

Improved Table

Ox Bow Fastener

Packing of Piston Heads

Grayson's Odometer

New Invention

Wilson's New Propeller

Improved Oil Box for Locomotives

Our Atlantic Steamships

Report on Lighthouses

The Widow of Henry Bell

Beardslee's Planing Machine

Burning Smoke

Power Machines a Benefit to Operatives

The Plant Fly Trap

Corrosion of Metals in Water

Dangerous Feat

Heat of the Body

Patent Laws and Guide to Inventors

Back Numbers and Volumes

Cheap Postage—Important to Subscribers

Patent Claims

Camphor an Antidote for Strychnine

Gastric Juice


Thomson's Artesian Well Borer

Mineral and Nitrogenized Manures

A Man in the Air

The Great Storm in August


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