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Great Speed

Colored Silk Cocoons

Patent Culindron Pianoforte

A New Railroad

Shocking Railroad Accident

Railroad Movements

Stoneham Branch Railroad

Syrup of Asafetida

The Useful Man

Death by Machinery

Heating and Ventilation Railroad Cars

Justice to Philippe de Girard

Whitney and his Cotton Gin

Old Ring


Alleged Burying Alive


Human Ingenuity

Circular Saws

The New Steamboat Law at the West

Table of Lumber in Logs

Elevating Water from Rivers for Cities

Machinery and Tools as they are—The Steam Engine

Population of New York State

Filling Teeth over Exposed Nerves

Improved Cotton Press

Pasteboard Cutter

Iron Masts in a Gale

New Cotton Press

Albee's Fowl Feeder

Holly's Railroad Car Brake

Screw Cutting Machinery

Reform of the Patent Laws

New Invention for Steamships

Interesting Patent Case—Colt's Pistols

To Competitors for the Prizes

Manufacture of Iron

Changes in the Patent Office

Foreign Patents

A Large and Small Wheel

Materials for Building Houses

Suspension Bridges

Rewards to one Inventor

Patents in England

The Beardslee Planing Machine Case

The Caloric Steamship

Illustrated Newspaper

The Cotton Crop

Recent Foreign Inventions


Guano as a Manure

Influence of Poisons upon Animal Heat as a Cause of Death

Salve for Burns

Snuff and its Manufacture


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    To Correspondents

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    A Chapter of Suggestions, &c

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