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Fire Kindler

New Tinning Process

Cures for the Bite of Snakes

Patent Office Building

Gold in Canada

Circular Saw

Worth Trying

An Old Book


South and North Carolina Railroad

The Salt of Florida

Perpetual Motion

Clipper Ships—American and English

Magnetic Iron Ore

Anastatic Printing

An Important Discovery


Gold by the Ton without Owners

Color of the Sun

Great Improvement in the Treatment of Flax

Lion Floors and Roofs

To Prevent Lamp Explosions

Beet Root Sugar

How to Elevate Water from Rivers

Measurement of Logs

Felloe Machine

Cotton Topping Machine

Improved Cement

Improved Windmill

Auger Handle

Carriage Spindle

Sea Island Cotton

Planing and Sash Machinery

Safety for Ferry Boat Passengers

Give us Cheap Gas

Public Lectures—Lost Arts

Award of Prizes

New York Harbor and Dirty Streets

State Tariffs on Passengers

Shawl Fringes

Explosion of Lime Barrels

Improvements in Machinery Benefit the Working Man

Mechanics and the Scientific American

A New Steamboat Paddle Wheel

Coining Machine

Recent Foreign Inventions

Ventilating and Warming Large Buildings


Manufacturers and Inventors

Combustion of Coal

Mechanical Lecture

Folliculitis, Commonly Called “Clergyman's Sore Throat”

Acoustic Telegraph


  • From the Editor

    To Correspondents

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