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Bleeding from the Nose

Inter Oceanic Canal

Iron Pavements

Starch from Horse Chestnut and Arrow Root

California Statistics

Receipt for Joining Glass

The Coco-anut Tree

Anthracite Coal for Locomotives

Performing Somersets from a Balloon

Mackerel Fishing

Railroad Accident

Railroads in Canada

Lectures on Chemistry

Anastatic Printing

New Self-Adjusting Carriage Springs

Agriculture in California

Air Heating Pipes

Cure for the Croup

Railroad Dust and Cinders

Burns and Spontaneous Combustion

Ancient and Modern Cities

Chickering's a Pianoforte Manufactory

Improved Locomotive Spark Arrester

Rotary Engine

Threshing Machines

Improved Straw Cutter

Safety Steam Boiler

New Cut-off Gear

Critical Dissertation on Steam, Hot Air, and Gas Engines

Award of Prizes

Falling Houses Again


A Large and Small Wheel

Hydraulic Pumps

Packing Apples

Reform of the Patent Laws—Patent Office and Patent Funds

The Cheap Postage Law

Action against the New Steamboat Law

Lecturing Noblemen

Safety Fluid Lamp—Chemical Cause of Explosions


Manufacturers and Inventors

Fossil Remains

Gum Elastic


  • From the Editor

    All Gone, All Gone

  • To Correspondents

  • Recommended

    A Chapter of Suggestions, &C

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