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Chloride of Sodium (Common Salt) in Intermittent Fever

Tunnel through the Alleghanies

Court Plaster


Gold at the Mint

The First Prize

First Locomotive West of the Mississippi

The New Crystal Palace

Lectures on Chemistry.—No. 2

[Reported expressly for the Scientific American]

The Poetry of Mechanism

Cast-Iron Pavements &C

The Sphinx

Deterioration of Soils—Agricultural Report of Ohio

Speaking through Tubes

Improved Clover Thresher

Improved Straw Cutter

Register for Clocks

Counterfeit Coin Detector

Coupling Shafts and Axles

Spike-Making Machine

Forcing Down Lids of Boxes

Plastering Machine

Critical Dissertation on Steam, Air, and Gas Engines

The Ether Controversy—Dangerous Legislation

Intelligent Mechanics

Steam Engines

Stitching Shoes by Machinery

Recent Foreign Inventions

Extension of a Patent

The Patent Office

The Fire Annihilator a Fire Propagator

Improvement in the Steam Engine

A Patentee and the Bank of England

American Fashion and Birmingham Buttons


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