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Looking Glasses

Chaffee's Patent Drying Machine.—Figure 1

The Sardine Fishery

Safety Railway Truck

Collecting Vinegar from Wood

Powers on Cleaning Marble Statues

Parkerapos's Water-Wheel Patents

The Atmosphere, and its Effects upon Animal Life

Fire Telegraph in Boston

[Reported expressly for the Scientific American.] Lectures on Chemistry.—No. 4

Machinery and Tools as they are.—Printing Presses

Form and Heat of the Earth—North West Passage

High Price of Ships

For the Scientific American Sulphur and the Cholera

A Grand Junction Railway in Paris

Improvement in Clock Escapement

Cutting Barrel Heads

Improved Railroad Switch

Tonguing and Grooving Machine

Improved Grain Separator

Boring and Mortising Machine

Improvement in Hand Looms

Improvement in Butter Firkins

Mountain of Marble

Colt's Revolver

New Foundry

The Hot Air Ship Erricsson

Patent Office Report

New Railroad

Effect of the Earth's Rotation on Locomotion

Improved Mode of Making Brick

The New Steamboat Law

New Locomotive

List of Patent Claims

Foreign Patent Laws

The Scientific American—Prizes to Apprentices


Wells, Pumps, &C.

Manufacturers and Inventors

The Founder of Mechanics' Institutes

Process for Testing Iodine

Patent Principles—Telegraphs

The Iron Trade in England

Old Apple Tree


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    To Correspondents

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    A Chapter of Suggestions, &C.

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