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The Ericsson Lecture in Boston

Plaster Casts of Leaves and Flowers

Prof. Wright

Swiss Central Railroad

Tanned Gelatine or Artificial Horn

Keeler's Patent Smut Machine

The Marston Rifle in England

Submarine Mortar Frigate

Helichrome or Sun Coloring

Serious Accident

Machinery and Tools as they are.—Saws and Saw Mills

New Steam Boiler

Safety Car for Inclined Planes

The Patent Fund

Improved Omnibus Lamp

Beef-Steak Machine

New Printing Press

For British Yachts

The Ericsson and our Contemporaries

White's Truck—Errata

The Hardware Trade

Inventors of Washing Machines to the Rescue

The India Rubber Case Again—Extension of the Patent

Recent Foreign Inventions

Riddle's Report of the Great Exhibition

The Crystal Palace

Improved Apple Paring Machine

Machine for Planing Sash-Stuff

Porcelain Manufacture

The Great Pyramid

A Simple Barometer and Storm Pointer


Manufacturers and Inventors

Cure for Potato Rot


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    To Correspondents

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    A Chapter of Suggestions, &c

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