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To Coagulate Blood

To Make Pure White Soap

Miscellaneous News of the Week


The “Arabia,” and Cunard Steamships

Port Wine Adulteration

Suspension Bridge

Machinery and Tools as They are—Stamping Presses

The Patent Office Safe

Ship Boring Machine

Banvard's Panorama of the Holy Land

Power Loom Shuttle

Improved Wagon Brake

Race's Self-Acting Blast Regulator

Events of the Week

Scientific Papers—Dr. Lardner and Newspapers

A Western Silk Factory

Extension of a Patent

The French Institute

Riddle's Report of the Great Exhibition


The Sun—Actinism

Adulteration of Teas

An Old Bible

Fatal Camphene Accident

Tubular Bridge


Dr. Antisel on the Cause of Volcanoes


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    To Correspondents

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    A Chapter of Suggestions, &C

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Why Do Facts Fail?

Why Do Facts Fail?

Deconstructing Denial