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Circular Saw without an Arbor, and Improvement in Teeth of Circular Saws

Mastic Cement

Alligator Skins

Gold Pens

The Greek of Homer a Living Language

Wadding and Batting Machinery

Biography of Berthollet

Atmospheric Hammer

The Moose

Agassiz and Humboldt


Caloric Steamship

Spots on the Sun and Magnetic Variations

Machinery and Tools as They are—Rolling Presses

Heating and Ventilating Buildings

Safety Steam Boiler

Soap Cutting Machine

Impoved Metal Tubes

Improved Cotton Press

Another Press

Improved Trip Hammer

Stuart's Naval and Mail Steamers of the United States

Events of the Week

Railroad to the Pacific

The Inauguration

Paint for Coating Wire Work

What of the Railroad Prizes?

Riddle's Report of the Great Exhibition

Extension of a Patent

Depth of the Ocean

Miscellaneous News of the Week

Farmer's Improved Sustaining Battery


Ericsson on “the Ericsson;” Stirling on “Stirling”

Light for Churches and Lecture Rooms


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