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To Make Drying Oil

England Coming to America for Coal

One Cent a Mile Railroad Fare

Wash for Fruit Trees

Marine Glue

Adulteration of Lard

The Crystal Palace

Arctic Whale Fishery

Photographic Landscapes on Paper

Singular Geological Fact

Fast Travelling

Recent Foreign Inventions

Reciprocating Gas Metres

Sewage Manure

Water for Washington City

Pyroxylin or Gun Cotton

Corn and Seed Planter

Air-Heating Stoves

Improved Corn Drill

Improved Tide Mill

Safety Cross Bar

Cloth Drying Apparatus

The Blast in Locomotives

To Inventors—“Honor to Whom Honor Is Due”

The Convicted Aldermen

Events of the Week

The Inventors of Propellers

Price of Machines

Steam Boiler Telegraph Alarm Gauge

Moore & Hascall's Patent

Extension of a Patent

The Magnetic Telegraph Suit

Gold Seeking Mania

Grime's Patent Carriage Reading Lamp

New Application of the Electric Light

Information Wanted

Beautiful New Iron Building

Candles Equal to Wax or Sperm, Made from Tallow and Lard



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    To Correspondents

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    A Chapter of Suggestions, & c

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Know Before You Vote