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Sloan's Patent Hydrostat for Steam Boilers

Aerial Navigation Again

Miscellaneous Items

A Correct Account of the Explosion of the Blast Pipe

Saw-Dust as Litter

Electricity, Curious and Beautiful Experiments

New Clock for our City Hall

On Sugar

The Caloric Engine in Russia

Yellow Shower

The Aurora Borealis and the Electric Telegraph

Explosion of a Blast Pipe

Invention of Chess

Weaving of Brocatelles

Navy of the United States

The Ray Premiums—A Shameful Act

Railway Tunnels

Anthracite Coal Locomotives

Self-Loading Cart

Improvement in Spinning

Self-Acting Switch

Tremper's Pneumatic Governor

New Water Wheel

Terry's Cast-Iron Pavement

Time Indicator

Improved Lard Lamp

Self-Adjusting Hatch

Great Increase of our Steam Marine

Events of the Week

A Mountebank Professor Lecturing on the Ericsson

A Railroad Well Watched

How to Make Corn Bread

The New Silver Coinage

The Labor Movement

Withdrawals from the Patent Office

Important Patent Case—Hay and Cotton Press

To Prevent Incrustations in Boilers

Chloride of Gold and Common Salt

Price of Wool

Iron Tubular Safety Boat

How to Take Care of a Watch

Railway Curves

Monument to De Witt Clinton

Dust and Consumption



  • From the Editor

    To Correspondents

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