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Atmospheric Reversing Draught Furnace

Death of the Vice President

Lithographic Ink

Grafting Wax

Naples Yellow

Death of an Eminent Chemist

Bain, the Inventor of the Chemical Telegraph

Berdan's Gold Crushing Machine

Deaths in the City Prison

The People's College

Patent Cases—Hook-Headed Spike

Silvered Glass

Disastrous Wreck

Submarine Telegraph

American Madder

Cast-Iron Houses

Supreme Court—United States

To File Saws—Niagara Falls Power

Cincinnati Steam Fire Engine

Recent Foreign Inventions

Improved Clamp

New Carriage Spring

Safety Brake

Improved Machine for Cutting Tin

Self-Acting Brake

Omnibus Register

The New Commissioner of Patents

The Patent Office done for

Drying Goods in Warm Rooms

Events of the Week

Natural Curiosity

Water and Steam—Waste of Power

Caloric—Perpetual Motion

Government Sale of Muskets, &C

The Hoosic Tunnel

Feeding Bees

Wonderful Phenomena

Flour Packer

New Theory of Earthquakes

Force of Winds



Artesian Well

Human Bones found in Guano


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    To Correspondents

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    A Chapter of Suggestions, &C

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