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Gilliland's Dioptric Crystal Lenses

Rusty Iron

Valuable Discovery

Unequalled Sailing—Short Passage

Breaking up of an Iceberg

Red Cedar for Hedges

Improvements in Saw Mills

Peruvian Guano

The Largest Gypsum Field in The World

Copper and Diamonds in North Carolina

A Ten Thousand Dollar Prize

Another Awful Railroad Accident

Barrow's Propeller

New Safety Whiffletrees for Carriages

Accident to Professer Liebig

Sea Bathing in Paris

Storm Pointer

Heat and Cold

Velocity of Rivers

Carbonic Acid Gas a Molive Power

New Process for Obtaining Carburetted Hydrogen Gas from Tar

New Process for Making Daguerreotype Plates

New Rail for Railroads

Whitney's Repeating Pistol

New Annunciator for Hotels

Corn and Seed Planter

New Reversable Stove Pipe Collar

Camp's Improved Chimney Ventilator

Lightning Conductors

Where is the Ericsson?

The Morality of Public Carriers

Strange Steamer

Ship Building on the Clyde

List of Patent Claims

Faraday on Static Electricity

Recent Foreign Inventions Improved Treatment of Tin Ores

Guano and Phosphate of Lime

Testing of Lubricators in the Crystal Palace

Welding Conical Iron Tubes


Important Invention or Discovery


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