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Detection of Cotton in Unbleached Linen

Gutta Percha Water Pipes

Oil of Roses

Cheap Cough Mixture

New Mode of Gearing Reciprocating Motion

Winds and Currents of the Sea

Looms for Weaving Hair Cloth

To Cure Warts

To Prevent Milk from Souring

Nails Growing in the Flesh

Unity of the Human Race

Effect of Alkalies on the Human System

Silvering Mirrors

Expansion of Gases

Oyster and Clam Shell Manures

Circular Saws

New Steam Valve

An Improved Valve Cock

Manufacture of Steel

Improved Dental Instrument

Ornamental Letters for Door Plates

Improvement in Hot-Air Furnaces and Ventilators

Coal—Our Black Diamonds

The Lords are Coming

The Plutonists—Heat of the Earth

Events of the Week

The London Illustrated News and the Scientific American

Generation of Heat

Scientific Apologists for the Caloric Engine

Cause of Insanity

The Brain

Fire Damp

Patent Case

Fire-Proof Bronze

Interesting Discovery in Electro Gilding


About Snakes

Remedy for the Sting of Bees


Improved Mop Handle



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