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Raneld Butter

Alum Made in the Manufacture of Candles

Loom for Weaving Plain and Figured Fabrics

Daguerreotype Hat Crowns

Improved Lithographic Press

The Crystal Palace

Railroad Engines

Cure for Toothache

A Month of Calamity

A Curious Relic

New Method of Grafting Grape Vines

New Steam Boiler

New Drill and Countersinker

Ship Race for Ten Thousand Dollars

Prof. Porter and Aerial Navigation

Progress of the Cholera

Accident to the North Star

Foreign Scientific Memoranda

A Gigantic Steamship

Storm Pointer Camphor


Railroads—Their Improvements for Safe Travel

Improved Wagon

Grain Separators

New Safety Lamp

Improved Mill for Grinding

New Railroad Car Wheel

Pennsylvania Polytechnic College

Speed of the Norwalk Train

Non-Protecting Lightning Rods

Railroads in Cities

Commissioner of Patents

The Impertinence and Ingratitude of Scribblers

Encouragement to New Inventions

Events of the Week

Cincinnati Steam Fire Engine


The Culture of Sea Kale

Properties of Charcoal

Anointing with Oil a Cure and Preventive of Disease

Fermentation of Citric Acid

Chemical Testimony in Cases of Poisoning

Improvement in Making Kettles


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    To Correspondents

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    A Chapter of Suggestions, &C

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