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Cherries without Stones

Hair Tonic

Hair Waters

A Musical Peddling Dentist

Changes in the Patent Office

Improvement in Mills for Sawing

The New Light and New Motive Power

A New Mode of Ship Ventilation

Fall of Catfish

Comparative Health of Cities

Improvements in Gun Locks

Apple Trees Killed with Potash

Electro Magnetic Steam Boiler Alarm

The Aztec Children

Atmospheric Telegraph

Improvement in Bedsteads

Sash Fastener

Southern Granite and Slate

The Secret of New York Enterprize

English Grammar

The Caloric Ship—Letter from Capt. Ericsson

A Monster Steam Hammer

The Dahlia

New Lifting and Force Pump

Improvement in Temples for Looms

An Improvement in the Construction of Cars for Turning Curves

Railroad Signals

New Car Wheel

The New York Crystal Palace

The Progress of Inventions and Inventors

Leather and Its Interests

Events of the Week

Experiments upon the Use or Salt-water in Steam Boilers

Success of Mr. Samuelson's Digging Machine

Important Patent Case

Recent Foreign Inventions

U.S. Ship Princeton

Vegetable Wax

Olive Oil

On the Temperature of Man within the Tropics

Swaim's Magnetomer



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    To Correspondents

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    A Chapter of Suggestions, &C

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