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Improved Drawing Regulator

Great Railroad Speed

Singular Lakes

Special Manure for Grapes

New Mode of Constructing Flat-bottomed Boats

New Blasting Invention

Singular Nutriment of the "Digger Indians"

Riot in New York

Sun Stroke

To Keep Tires Tight on Wheels

Floods of the Ohio

A Huge Anatomical Demonstration

No Boilers

The Chemistry of Bread Making

A Rich Shovel

Water through Lead Pipes

The United States Patent Office

Clover Separator

New Mode of Constructing Rocking Chairs

Improvement in Valves

New Car Wheel and Truck

A New Coffee Huller

New Model for Steamboats

Smut Machine

New Stump Machine


Railroads for Broadway

Preserved Milk, Coffee, Tea and other Extracts

Singular Phenomenon

Patent Pavements

Events of the Week

To the New York Evening Post

The Dignity of Labor

Improvement in the Manufacture of India Rubber Goods

Shellac Varnish for Furniture, &C

English Mine Explosions

Destroying Effluvia


Petrified Man



  • From the Editor

    To Correspondents

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