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Best's Patent Reverberatory Furnace

Copper and Tin Mixtures

Echol's Steam Gauge

Soap Suds as a Fertilizer

A Novel Bathing Apparatus

Fair of the American Institute

Tobacco Seed Oil

A Most Singular and Shocking Accident

Manufactures of New Hampshire

Population of Britain

The Safest Seat in a Car

American Bells

Health and Heat

Trial of Reaping and Mowing Machines

Walking under Water

Texas Salt

Action of Water upon various Bodies at a High Temperature and under strong Pressure

Ground and Lofty Parachuting

A California Tree for the Worlds Fair

Water through Lead Pipe

Cooling Houses

Storm Indicator

Causes of Earthquakes

New Boiler Feeder

Machine for Turning Ovals

Iron Bolt Machine

Improved Life-Preserving Apparatus

Improved Locomotive Water Tank

New Fluid Regulator

Assistant Editor Wanted

Atlantic Races

India Rubber Washing Machine

Postage Money Letters

Steamboat Accidents—The New Law

Gold Machinery

Events of the Week

Coloring Ivory

Railroad Accidents in Massachusetts

Engineer Appointment

Oaths Required for Caveats

Means of Detecting the kind of Dyes used in the Coloring of Textile Fabrics

Maryland Silver

Hydrostatic Question

Crayons for Writing on Glass

The Reproduction of Engravings


Mechanics Manufacturers and Inventors

Peach Trees


The Natural Sciences

Mode of Obtaining Positive Potographic Impressions upon Plates Intended for Engraving

Guano on Wheat


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    A Chapter of Suggestions, &C

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