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Marks' Artifcial Leg

Weed's Malt and Grain Dryer

Paying Dear for a Puff

Interesting to Glove Manufacturers and Dealers

English and American Clipper Ships

Chief Engineer

Events of the Week

Curves on Railroads

Porter's Rifle

The Crystal Palace

American Wine

Patapsco River

Another Silk Factory

On the Manufacture of Cast-Steel, by Dr. Karsten

American Sewing Machines in Scotland

Improved Car Wheel and Brake

Massachusetts Mechanics' Association

Hose Protector

The Hillotype

To Advertisers

New Kinds of Boots and Shoes

Hay Elevators

Quartz Pulverizer, Washer, and Amalgamator

Cotton Seed Planter

A Mountain Borer

Reaping Machines

Reverend Inventors

Canada Patents

History of Our Steam Navy

Flax Culture in Indiana

Recent Foreign Inventions

Studying the Weather

Receipts for Dyeing


Mechanics, Inventors, and Manufacturers

New Ox Yoke Fastener

Tomato Figs

Sleep and the Senses

The Coach Rattle Avoided


  • From the Editor

    To Correspondents

  • Letters

    A Complimentary Letter

  • Recommended

    A Chapter of Suggestions, &C

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