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Method of Detecting Counterfeit Silver Coin

Factory Labor in Rhode Island

Sugar of Milk for Invalids

Iron Refining and Puddling Furnaces

The Crystal Palace

The Birmingham of America

On the Manufacture of Cast-Steel, by Dr. Karsten

Ice Houses

Cast Iron Driving Wheels

Improved Heating and Steaming Apparatus

Improved Lime Kiln

New Corn Crusher

Steamboat Inspectors

Another Steam Boiler Explosion

Improved Metallic Hub

For China

Brown's Improvement on Saw Mills

Regulating the Speed of Steam Engines

The Ericsson Not at the Crystal Palace

The San Jacinto

Events of the Week

Pratt's Steam Boiler Explosion

Railroad Accidents—The Remedy

Can you Recommend the Scientific American?

Patent Law Suits—Sewing Machines

American Association for the Advancement of Science

Potato Rot

New Sculling Propoller

Remarkable Discovery in Russia

Aerated Water Apparatus

Percussion Caps Superseded

Remedy for Yellow Fever

Bed Clothes

New Way of Checking Railway Baggage

Hot Weather

Materials for Milk Pans


Mechanics, Inventors and Manufacturers


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