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Eastman's Steam Gauge

Steam Power on Farms

Back Numbers Wanted

A New Anasthetic Agent

Preserving Fruits in their Own Juice

Preservation of Grapes

The Crystal Palace

Recent Foreign Inventions

To the Manufacturers of Hoes

Sea Sickness

The Leviathan Steamship

The New Steamboat Law—Its Success in the West

Madder and Indigo

Inclinometer or Level

Improved Capstan

Burglar Alarm

Farmers' Heating and Steaming Apparatus

Sawing Machine

New Spoke Machine

Improvement in Knitting Machines

State Room Railroad Car

Railroad Verdict

Cast-Iron Interior Walls

Table Moving, Spirit Rappings, and Science

Scientific Men Misrepresented

Events of the Week

Sewing Machines

Let Knowledge Increase

Mechanics' Institutes, and Mechanics Calumniated

The Great India Rubber Case

Who Feeds England

American Association for the Advancement of Science

Steam Hod Carriers

New Prospectus of the Scientific American

Poetry and Science

Great Telegraph Cable

The Egg-Shaped Vertical Boiler


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