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Improved Melodeon

Transparent Soap

Paper Cutting Machine

The Crystal Palace

American Association for the Advancement of Science

Electrical Illumination

Improved Gate

Steam Boilers

Improved Washing Machine

Railroad Frogs

Improved Cultivator

Making Palliasses'

Ether Ships and Ether Engines

Prizes at Fairs

Taste—American Sculpture

Cast-Iron Partition Walls—Erratum

Improvements and New York Railroads

Returned Californians Beware

Patents in Canada

To Prevent Dampness in Brick Walls

Always Begin Right

Steamship Burned

Change in the Patent Office

Foreign Subscriptions

The Dublin Exhibition

Crossing the Ocean in Six Days

Scientific Memoranda

New Guano Island

Precious Stones

New Prospectus of the Scientific American

Preservation of the Eyes

Events of the Week

New Ventilating Hat

Feeding Horses

Lightning from the Earth—Houses Struck


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    Notice—to our Readers

  • To Correspondents

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    A Chapter of Suggestions &C

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