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The Rice Crop

Cruelty to Animals in New York

Danger from the Comet

Irving's Steam Boiler

The Meteor

Another Fire Annihilator Exploded

Burning Fluid

New York Railroads

Table Rock

A Juvenile Eroneaut

What is doing to the Ericsson?--Heat

Our Steam Navy--The Princeton

What our Readers think of the Scientific American

Suspenders--Their Benefits

Tanning--Eaton's Short Process

List of Patent Claims

Bedonin Arabs Distanced

Extension of an Important, Patent

Railroad Signals

Tobacco Pressing Machine

Improved Carriage Top

Setting Carriage Spindles

Improved Hopper for Screw Machines

The Missouri River

Extension Pencil Case

Nothing Like India Rubber

Inventions and Discoveries--Gutta Percha

Our New Volume

Our Prizes

Eight Years of Progress

Our Title Page

The New York Sun

A Boomerang Propeller

Railway Horse Powers--Information Wanted

Crystal Palace

Steam Gauges--Moreau's and Kuslinan's

To Correspondents

A Chapter of Suggestions, &C

Improvement in the Manufacture of Iron

Foreman's Diving Bell


Heat and Comets

Serious Steamboat Accident

The American Yacht Silvie Beaten

Improvement in Diving Bells


Manufacturers and Inventors


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