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The Hot Air Engine in France

Tunneling the Falls of the Ohio

Large Locomotive Shop

Oil of Hops

Crossing the Atlantic in a Week

Mascher's Stereoscope

Improvement in Car Trucks

Recent Foreign Inventions

The Imponderable Agents--No. 1

Important Notice

Rope Machinery

The Cooper Institute--A Noble Man

An Important Fact in Connection with the Yellow Fever

Labor and Money Power

List of Patent Claims

Singnlar Plan for a New Line of Steamships

Preservation of the Eyes

Improvement in Cotton Gins

Mechanics Fairs

New Metallic Packing

Washing and Steaming Cotton Goods

New Picking Machine

The Old Crystal Palace in a New Place

Improved Bedstead

Improved Steam Hammer

Our Prizes


Explosive Fluids--A Warning

Reaping Machines before the Royal Society

Fine Writing

Colonial Patents

Sewing Machine Controversy

The Steamship Golden Age--The Ignorance of Journalists


To Correspondents

A Chapter of Suggestions, &c

Brick Burning

Celestial Phenomenon


Manufacturers and Inventors


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    Science or SciFi?

    Science or SciFi?

    Vanishing Particles. Spooky Action.