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Machine for Pegging Boots and Shoes

Camphene, Burning Fluids, &c.

The Imponderable Agents--No. 2

Preserving Dried Fruit

To Prevent Incrustations in Boilers

Patent Laws of New Brunswick

List of Patent Claims

Improved Car for Transporting Cattle

The Jacquard Loom Superseded

New Wardrobe Bedstead

New Gas Meter

Machine for Making Bed Pins

Lardner and Steam Navigation

Improved Mowing Machine

Expanding Window Sash

Patents on Medicines

To Preserve Gum Arabic Solutions

To Mechanics--Strikes

Sydenham Palace

Premium for Lightning Rods--To Ship Owners

Our Streets

New Light--Kerosane Gas

Increase of Matter--Good Opinions of Subscribers

Canadian Railroads

Crystal Palace

A Chapter of Suggestions, &c.

To Correspondents

Improved Mop Head

Great Printing Project

Our Sculptors--Patents for Designs


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October 08, 1853

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