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Government Retarding Improvements

Silver at Lake Superior

A Suggestion in Gas Lighting

Swett's Elevated Railroad for Broadway

Sewing Machine Claims

The Science of the Fire Annihilator

Imponderable Agents--No. 3

New Furnace

Singular Electrical Effect

Patent Laws of New Brunswick

Renton's Process of Making Iron

Steam Boiler Explosions

List of Patent Claims

Locomotion by Compressed Air

Improved Mortising Machine

New Spoke Machine

Anthracite Coal for Locomotives

Association of Steamboat Engineers

Colors of Calico--Chemical Questions

Competitors for the 450 Prizes

India Rubber for Steam Packing

American and Foreign Reaping Machines

Crystal Palace

To Correspondents

A Chapter of Suggestions, & C

The Greatest Clipper-Ship in the World


British Association for the Advancement of Science--Lieut Maury's Charts

Morse's Car Brake

Cotton Ropes for Ships


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