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Excellent Dentrifice

Oscillating Engine

Important to Inventors

American Wool

Railway Difficulty Settled

Practice of Shoeing Horses

The Panama Railroad

The Pacific Railroad—Wall Street Intrigue

Petroleum Spring


Hydrate of Magnesia as an Antidote

Heat of the Sun—Will it Ever Decay

English Railway Statistics

The William Norris

The Polar Plant

List of Patent Claims

Foreign Scientific Memoranda

Improved Clamp for Joiners

The Ericsson Again

Primer for Fire-Arms

New Trip Hammer

New Tea-Kettle

Machine for Dressing Millstones

Lath Machine

Improved Throttle Valve

Improved Saw Mill

Improved Rack Rail

Improved Cut-Off

Extension of Patents, and Patent Law Suits

Photographs of the Moon

Patent Office Report for 1852—No. 4

Cholera Remedy

Recent Foreign Inventions

New Rotary Printing Press

Crystal Palace

American and European Naval Architecture

Gilding—No. 1

Lucifer Matches


Manufacturers and Inventors

The North-West Passage

To Prevent Steam from Condensing in Pipes

Water Spouts on the Lake

Sandwich Islands

Saw Tooth Corrector


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    To Correspondents

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    A Chapter of Suggestions, &c

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November 19, 1853

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