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Foreign Scientific Memoranda


Manufacturing Flour

Resinized Oil of Turpentine

Portable Steam Engine

New Heating Apparatus

Carburetted Hydrogen

Hydrochlorate of Soda in Bread

More about the Potato Disease

The Pacific Railroad

Alleged New Motive Power

The Tonnage Laws of Ships

Property in Inventions

List of Patent Claims

United States Engineers

Improved Furnace

Shaving by Machinery—Queer Invention

Lever Press

Spark Arrester

Draw Head and Buffer

Imponderable Agents

Taper Auger for Boring Hubs

Wiring Blind Rods

Extension Carriage Top

Improved Car Register

Safety Ropes for Buildings on Fire

Improved Cultivator Plow

Potato Prize

Self-Waiting Dining Table

Coal in Abundance

Fine Penmanship

Prizes! Prizes

Analysis of Rain Water

Stealing Remarks—The Tribune

Patent Office Report for 1852—No. 6

The Erie Railroad

Bandying about Inventions

Crystal Palace

Recent Foreign Inventions

Che Red Fire

On the Recovery of Gold and Silver from the Fluids Employed for Electro-Plating and Gilding

Artificial Production of Diamond Powder



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    To Correspondents

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    A Chapter of Suggestions &c

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