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English Traveller—The Comforts of the Age

Adventures of an Aeronaut

Consumption of Wood by Locomotives

The Wheeling Bridge Case

American Steamships

Abandonment of an Invention

Imponderable Agenta—No. 3

Inventors' National Protective Union

Recent Foreign Inventions

Another Patent Case—Lead Pipe

Heliographic Steel Engraving

A Growing Stone

Interesting Patent Case

Our List of Patent Claims

Extension of Morse's Patents

Drone Bee Trap

Instantantaneous Kindling of Fire in the Human Body

Screw Cutter

Valve Motion

Horse Rake

Strengthening Cast-Iron Ornaments

Cast-Iron Canal Lock

Hydraulic Engine

Plenty of Dear Gas and Little Light

The Caloric Ship Ericsson

Champion's Mode of Passing Bridges Over Streams

Improved Churn

Improved Cow Catcher

New Year's Presents

Woodworth and Goodyear Patent Extensions

International Copyright

Agricultural Improvements

Foreign Compliments to the Scientific American


The Great Republic

Crystal Palace

Guild's Boring and Mortising Machine

New Car Coupling

Effect of Sulphate of Lime upon Vegetable Substances

Present to a Master Mechanic


Receipt for Out-Door Whitewash


  • From the Editor

    To Correspondents

  • Recommended

    A Chapter of Suggestions, &C

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