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The Cycloid

New York Ship Building

Capt. Nortan's Projectile

Peer's Vertical Trip Hammer

Recent Foreign Inventions

Imponderable Agents—No. 6

Writing Fluids

[Abstract of a Lecture on the Chemistry of Writing Fluids, delivered before Bacon's Cincinnati Mercantile College, by Prof. Chas. W. Wright, and reported expressly for the Scientific American.]..

New Species of Rattlesnakes

Jointing of Belts

List of Patent Claims

Oil and Health

Influence of Elevation upon Cholera

Joiner's Clamp

Proportions of Vessels-Large Ships for Long Voyages

Foreign Patents

Tinning Iron Plates

Door Strip

Drying Starch

Paper Feeder

Regulating Water Level in Steam Boilers

Cement for Bricks and Stones

Mechanical Typographer

Writing Pencil-Something to be Invented

Connecting Hubs with Axles

Sash Fastening

Curing Grass for Hay by Steam

Fires in our City—The Annihilator

Currents of the Pacific

Reform of the Patent Laws—Fees for Foreigners—Extension of Patents—The New Rule


Awards of our Prizes

Baker's Furnace at the Crystal Palace

Governors of Engines

Lubricators for Rail Car Axles

Report on Lubricating Oils in the Crystal Palace

Experiments with Rotary Engines at the Crystal Palace

A Chapter of Suggestions, &C

Elevated Promenade and Railroad for Broadway

Interesting to Planters


Manufacturers and Inventors


  • From the Editor

    To Correspondents

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