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A Ship Illuminated by Gas

Incrustations of Boilers

Import of Sperm and Whale Oil

Cinder Basket

Bushnell's Self-Feeding Hand Drill

Tobacco at the North

The Bull-Bush Caterpillar of New Zealand

Imponderable Agents.—No. 7

[Second Series]

Hay Meal

Australian Enterprize

Quartz Crusher Experiments

Old Coins

List of Patent Claims

Illumination—Gas Light

Cancer Cured

Californian Mastodon

Why do Teeth Decay

Awards of our Prizes

Recent Foreign Inventions

Improvement in Railroad Tracks

Improvement in Devices for Rail Cars

Improved Turn-Table

Governor for Marine Engines

Feeding Printing Presses

Fastening Shoemakers' Tools to the Handles

Setting Carriage Axles

Purifying Fish Oils without Heat

Law of Freezing Water—Beautiful Adjustment

Cheap Ocean Postage

Uniformity of Weights and Measures

Application of Chloroform

The San Francisco

The Caloric Ship Ericsson

Reports of the Crystal Palace Juries

Foreign Scientific Memoranda

Crystal Palace

Cotton in the United States

Adulteration of Drugs and Medicines

The Mackerel Fisheries

To Prepare Pure Caustic Potash

Trial of Pumps

Improved Auger Handle

Indelible Inks, and Paper

Leeds' Patent Ventilator


Manufacturers and Inventors

On the Probable Depth of the Ocean of the European Chalk Deposits

Papyri at Herculaneum


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    To Correspondents

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    A Chapter of Suggestions, &C

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January 28, 1854

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