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Tin in California

Eccles' Patent Check Looms

Parian Marble

Missouri Hemp

Steam Fire Engines

Extraordinary Invention

Imponderable Agents—No. 8

To Detect Cotton in Linen

General Scientific Memoranda

Vastness of the Universe

Recent Foreign Inventions

Tanning Cotton and Linen

List of Patent Claims

Ocean Steamers

Elastic Varnish for Leather

Cold in England

Gast and Wrought Iron Rails

Tracing Paper

Pittsburg Statistics

The New Patent Law of England

Heliographic Engravings

Improvement in Printing Presses

Rock Drill

Brilliant Varnish for Leather

Improved Car Coupling

Locking Type Forms in Chases

Emery Sand Paper

Improved Miter Box

The Japanese as Inventors

Improvement in Building

Improvement in Carriage Axles

Ocean Locomotion

Ferry Boat Lights

The Astor Library

The Emmons' Patent

Petitions for Extension of Patents

Colt's Patent in Congress

The Length and Breadth of Steamships

Etherizing Congress

Crystal Palace

French Taste in the Crystal Palace

Sal-Ammoniac from Gas Works

New Mode of Steam Repulsion

A Steep Railroad Grade

Anatomy of the Teeth


Manufacturers and Inventors

Screw Stoppered Bottles

Equilibrated Ships' Tables

Separation of Nickel from Cobalt

A Spiritual Machine

Constitution of Butter

Gold Assaying in South America

Preparation of Ferrocyanhydric Acid


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    To Correspondents

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    A Chapter of Suggestions, &C

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