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Cement for Belting


Renton's Furnace for Making Wrought Iron from the Ore

Stopping the Echoing of Halls

To Make the Oxyd of Gold

Varnish for Iron Works

A Baffling Illustration

Agassiz on the Races of Man

Imponderable Agents.—No.9

Lubricating Oils

Railway Traffic in England for 1853

Steamboat Inspection

The Island of Iceland

A Remedy for the Vine Disease

Amorphous Phosphorus

Arsenic Eaters

Bed Clothes

California Postage.—Extortion

Care of the Eyes

French Rivers Breaking Up

List of Patent Claims

Strychnine for Panthers

The Precious Metals

American Coal

American Plate Glass

Carey's Pump.—Erratum

Crystal Palace Awards

Gas Stove

Improved Lamps

Improved Pencil Case

Improved Truss Bridge

Operating Railroad Pumps

Sawing Spoke Stuff

Sizes of Books

Street Indicators

Street Pavement

Substitute for Pen and Ink

Bank Notes—A New Discovery Wanted

Our Planet Before and After the Flood—Its Poles Changed

Preserving Fruits and Meats

Rules of the Patent Office Relating to Foreign Patents

The Ericsson Again

The Great Telegraph Case

A New Clock

Long Hair

Names of Sizes of Printing-Paper

Our Prize Awards

Rather Alarming

Recent Foreign Inventions

Supreme Court of the United States

The Air Pump of the San Francisco

The Monument of Galileo at Florence

To Detect Cotton in Woolen or Silk Fabrics

A Chapter of Suggestions, & C

Artificial Silicification of Limestones

Measuring by Inspection


Manufacturers and Inventors

New Kinds of Galvanic Batteries

Satisfactory Evidence of Vitality

The Assyrian Empire

The Thoroughly Educated


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February 11, 1854

Confronting Common Wisdom