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Machinery for Sawing Ship Stuff

Varnish for Patent Leather

Blowing up the Ice

Telescope for Amherst College

Wonderful Invention

Imponderable Agents.--No. 10

Setting the Journals of Carriages

List of Patent Claims

Weak Eyes

Manufacture of Steel

Ammonia in Distilled Waters

Eating and Drinking

Manure Gatherer

Improved Candle Mould

Prize for a Life Boat

Improved Lock

New Car Brake

Ramsay's Flexible Harrow

Improved Turning Lathe

Machine for Cutting Garments

Rotary Engines

Oil Varnish

Improved Agricultural Fork

Shuttle Guard

Biography of an Inventor

Steam Carriages for Common Roads

Notice to Subscribers

Franking Letters

Sales of Patents--Suggestions

A Marine Locomotive

Inventions New and Old

Irish Potato

Enameling Iron

Financial Affairs of the Crystal Palace

Ear Instruments for Deaf Persons

Our Prize Awards

A Chapter of Suggestions, &C

To Correspondents

Effects of Luxury


Manufacturers and Inventors

Capture of a Sea Serpent

The Iron Manufactures of the World

Weighing Bodies by Submersion

Concentrated Human Labor

The Source of the Arveiron

Portable Steam Engines for Planters

Uses of the Beard


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