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California Wine


Steam on Canals

Recent Foreign Inventions

Improvement in Furnaces

Asparagus Seed as a Substitute for Coffee

Patent for Manufacturing Starch

Beet Root Wine

A Splendid Diamond

The King and Seidlitz Powders

Professor Faraday on Electricity

List of Patent Claims

Impure Gas in Philadelphia

Earthquake in Spain

Car Trucks

Valves of Locomotives

Sawing Machine

Machine for Making Clinch Rings

Machine for Making Barrel Heads

Improved Street Sprinkler

Improved Corn Planter

Evaporating Pans

An Efficient Steam Navy

What We Drink; Tea and Coffee

Value of Foreign Patents

Report of the Commissioner of Patents

Platinum in American Gold

Nutritive Value or Rape Cake

Interesting Papers on Flax

Dr. Lardner and Ocean Navigation Again

Calico Printing

A Bed of Amber

A Strike against Sewing Machines

Remainder Next Week

To Correspondents

Brilliant Lacquer for Paper and Papier-Mache

Campbell's Cotton Gin

Electro-Magnetic Railway Signals

Cheap Globes

Floors in Paris

Fusible Alloy


Manufacturers and Inventors

Niepce de St. Victor's Engravings

Use of Grammar

Acid and the Teeth

A Powerful Locomotive


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    March 04, 1854