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Improvement in Sawing Machinery

New Galvanic Power, for Propelling Ships

Aldehyde in the Distillation of Sugar

Steam Fire Engine

Special Notice

Pure and Impure Gas

Notice--Water Wheels

Marine Locomotives

Decimal Coinage in England

Combustion and Evaporating Power of Boilers

The Fast Line

A Curious Dining Hall

Recent Foreign Inventions

List of Patent Claims

Extension of the Telegraph System to Africa

Central Africa

Apples without Seeds or Cores

Ditching Machine

Railroad Switches

Preparing Gold

Improved Slitting Gauge

Improved Wrench

Improved Lantern

Feeding Printing Presses

The Smithsonian Institute

Rejection of an Extension of a Patent

Purifying Black Lead for Pencils

National Secret Documents

Composition of the Rings of Saturn

Close of our Half Volume

Unalterable Bank Bills

American Steamboats on the Amazon River

Scientific Darkness

American Coal Statistics

Calico Printing

American Wool

To Correspondents

Agriculture by Steam

The Niger and its Tributaries

Beverage Preparations

Bronze for the Sheathing of Ships

Bread Equal to Pound Cake

Greaves' Nut Protector

Hardening Cast Steel for Cutting


Manufacturers and Inventors

Shipbuilding in Sunderland, Eng., and New-York

The Barometer Outdone


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    March 11, 1854

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