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High Temperature Procured from Carbon

Painter's Colors

The Darien Ship Canal Expeditions

Researches on Ethers

Light and the Eyes

Wind Mills in the South

Another Terrible Steam Boiler Explosion

Remedy for Chilblains

Reaping Machines

Professor Agassiz

List of Patent Claims

Hobb's Lock Picked

Explosion of a Steamboat Boiler.--The New Law

Superintendent of the New York and Erie Railroad

Spontaneous Combustion

Recent Foreign Inventions

New Railroad Switch

Machine for Softening Flax

Improvement in Cotton Gin Saws

Improved Brick Kiln

Castors or Foot Rollers

Alarm Gauge for Steam Boilers

Value of Patented Improvements

Pure Milk

Our New Half Volume

Needful Discoveries

Starch Patent Extension Refused

Telegraph Fire Alarm and Steam Fire Engines

The Independent

The India Rubber Case Again

Underground Telegraph

Scarcity of Common Sense

Decimal Weights and Measures

Consumption of Fuel in Steam Engines with Single and Double Cylinders

Breakage of Mills

Balance Valves for Locomotives

Application of Heat to Produce Steam or Evaporation

Water Wheels--Article 1

To Correspondents

Effects of Soda in Steam Boilers

Improvement in Exhausting Steam

Increase in the use of Gutta Percha

Lithographic Photography


Manufacturers and Inventors

Photographs on Steel Plates

Price of Scents

Softening of the Brain


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    March 18, 1854