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The Material Fine Gloves are made of

Apples at the South

Georgia Central Railroad

Joints of Belting

The First Large Steamboat in Paris

New Cart

Foreign Correspondence. Progress of Science, Invention, and Discovery

On a Chemical Cause of Change in the Composition of Rocks

Reaping Machines--Original American Inventor

Gold Coinage of England

Icebergs at Sea

List of Patent Claims

Tin Foils--Crooke's Patent

Recent Foreign Inventions

Improved Candlestick

Bending Flanges on Wrought Iron Beams

Iron Houses

Napping Cloth

Clothes Horse or Bars

Knitting Machines


Bank Note Paper

Barrows Rotary Engine

Harbor Improvements

Ventilating Car

Hobb's Lock Picked

The Great Telegraph Case

Combustibles and Incombustibles

Water Wheels--The Turbine--Article 2

The Wants and Ills of Life

Black Dye for Felt Hats

To Correspondents

On Re-Vaccination--By Dr. Benedict

Measuring Inaccessible Distances by Inspection

Influence of Pressure upon the Formation of Chemical Compounds


Manufactures and Inventors

National Hand-Writing


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